06 January 2010


Meeting for the first time at the Family Gathering held in May 2009 at Stockcross,Newbury  were two cousins*  both born in NZ 10 days apart in January of the same year , Beverley Smith  ( descendant of William Randall Skinner) and Ruth Ryan ( descendant of Caroline Alberta Skinner)
* I am not sure of the correct relationship is 2nd or 3rd cousins.

 Beverley (on the left) now  lives in England and Ruth from NZ was on an overseas trip at the time of the family reunion.
Lee first made contact with Beverley shortly after the  completing the book" Robert Randall and Descendants" . A very keen Genealogist who leaves no questions unanswered, Beverley has spent many hours not only filling in the gaps and confirming the information we had, but also taking the family tree back several more generations.

If anyone would like a print out of the cutting from the Newbury Weekly News of the Family Gathering contact Lee or leave a comment.

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  1. We wish both Ruth and Beverley Happy Birthday for this month.