20 April 2015

As we approach the 100yrs since ANZAC which will be commemorated here in NZ on April 25 2015 I thought it fitting to add a tribute to Sophia's youngest son Charles who served in the Medical Corp. in WW1
Born 17th April 1876, in Christchurch New Zealand, at the time of the war he was single and working at Christchurch Hospital as an orderly. He enlisted 10th August 1914 at Christchurch passed his medical and made Sergeant Major, Basic Training followed and he sailed from New Zealand  leaving from Wellington 16th November.9They had been on board the Troopship Maunganui since 28th September and it was not until 3rd of December till they embarked in Alexandria.
Following his first year away he sent home to his sister Caroline a few pages giving extract from his pocket diary , these very frail, pencil written pages have survived along with a photo album recording life on board the troopship and the time at  Zietoun Camp near Cairo.
 4th December 1914 arrives Zeitoun Camp and under went further training and hospital work

Arrives Zeitoun Camp 4th Dec.
1st March 1915 saw him in hospital 'ill' till 19th March when discharged and returns to camp.
Nothing is recorded for April

I pick up his diary at this point and share with you the next month-

8th May 1915 Broke Camp at Zietoun  & embarked on Train to Cairo for Alexandria.
9th May 1915 Arrives Alexandria & Embarked on HM Troopship “Kingstonia”

10th May 1915 sailed for Cape Helles Gallipoli Peninsula
12th may 1915 Arrived at Cape Helles Gallipoli Peninsula
13th may 1915 sailed for Gaba Tepe
14th May 1915 Arrived Gaba Tepe & chased by Submarine
14th May 1915 Arrived Lemmos Island
15th May 1915 transshipped to S.S. Galeka.   Less our transport horses etc

17th May 1915 Left for (Gaba Tepe or Anzac) chased by Submarine
 18th May  1915 arrived at  Imbros Island
19th May 1915 left for Anzac returning the same day.
20th May 1915 left Anzac  for Imbros Island after taking wounded on board. Arrived Imbros  and took more wounded onboard
21st May 1915 Left for Lemmos with wounded (500) cases
22nd May 1915 arrived Lemmos
24th May 1915 Left “S.S.Galeka” and went into camp.
30th May 2015 Left Lemos Camp  went aboard a  H.M.S Newmarket a Minesweeper  bound for Anzac.
will share more of his diary in another part

11 January 2010


It is some time since the family history was written and in that time more research has gone on, confirming what we knew and added to it
I am most grateful to Beverley Smith in England  who has made the main effort to confirmed all the information here from Parish Records, Birth and Death certificates, and Daniel's army records.
This part of the "Timeline' covers for Sophia, her early years up to the time we understand she went to London to work. I will add more as time allows.

 Sophia’s parents Robert Randall and Elizabeth Bates, married 21 Sept. at St Mary’s Church, Kintbury Berkshire. England.

 Georgiana, eldest daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Randall baptized 25 May at Kintbury.

 Daniel, eldest son of Robert & Elizabeth  baptized 13 March at Kintbury.

 William Randall, Robert’s father died, aged 65 years.. Burried 28th March at Kintbury.

 Sophia, second daughter of Robert & Elizabeth was born 28th March at Kintbury.

 Elizabeth Randall, Robert’s mother died 12 December at Kintbury aged 67 years.

 Elizabeth (Betsy), third daughter of Robert & Elizabeth was baptized 16 August at Kintbury.

1841 -
 The Census records taken 7th June of this year, list the family living at Inkpen Rd Kintury.

1842 -
Caroline , fourth daughter of Robert & Elizabeth was baptized 25 December.at Kintbury.

 William, 2nd son of Robert & Elizabeth was born 15 July. at Kintbury.

 John, youngest son of Robert & Elizabeth was born 1 June at Stockcross, near Newbury.

 Rosana, youngest daughter of Robert & Elizabeth was born 26 Sept at Greenham near Newbury,

Elizabeth (Betty) Bates Elizabeth's mother died 4 April at Kintbury

 Census taken on 30th March  records the family living at 3 Caroline Place Newbury.( all the family except Georgiana where at home on this night, no record has been found for her in this census)

 Sister Georgiana, aged 19 years died of Typhus Fever,12 January at Union Workhouse Newbury. Buried 16th January.
Brother Daniel, at the age of 18years enlisted in the Grenadier Guards 28th November at Newbury.

 Entry written in Sophia’s bible... 8th Sept 1860.  Psalm.xvii. 5  (Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.)

06 January 2010


Meeting for the first time at the Family Gathering held in May 2009 at Stockcross,Newbury  were two cousins*  both born in NZ 10 days apart in January of the same year , Beverley Smith  ( descendant of William Randall Skinner) and Ruth Ryan ( descendant of Caroline Alberta Skinner)
* I am not sure of the correct relationship is 2nd or 3rd cousins.

 Beverley (on the left) now  lives in England and Ruth from NZ was on an overseas trip at the time of the family reunion.
Lee first made contact with Beverley shortly after the  completing the book" Robert Randall and Descendants" . A very keen Genealogist who leaves no questions unanswered, Beverley has spent many hours not only filling in the gaps and confirming the information we had, but also taking the family tree back several more generations.

If anyone would like a print out of the cutting from the Newbury Weekly News of the Family Gathering contact Lee or leave a comment.

20 December 2009


Caroline Skinner, second daughter of Sophia and William, married John Haworth and they had three children, Leslie, Florence and James.

Today we have had a family get together of four of Caroline's five grandaughters.  The last time all four of us were together would have been approximately 65 years ago, when we were little children.   Since then, we have been in touch over the years, and met at different times, but never had all four of us together at the same time.  Lee and Joan are the daughters of Florence, and Ruth and Maryann are the daughters of James.

Joan lives in Napier, and Lee who lives in Stratford is currently staying with Joan in Napier.   Maryann lives in Waipawa, and Ruth who lives in Masterton came up to stay with Maryann specifically so they could come to Napier for lunch.

From left - Joan, Ruth, Maryann, Lee

18 December 2009


Through writing first the Randall Family history, then the Haworth Family history (which included the Skinners) Joan and Lee have come in touch with many, many family members.  It would be great to keep in touch with everyone and we hope to share family news, photos and family tree updates through this blog.

Caroline Alberta Skinner, second daughter of Sophia Randall and William Skinner, was our Grandmother.