20 April 2015

As we approach the 100yrs since ANZAC which will be commemorated here in NZ on April 25 2015 I thought it fitting to add a tribute to Sophia's youngest son Charles who served in the Medical Corp. in WW1
Born 17th April 1876, in Christchurch New Zealand, at the time of the war he was single and working at Christchurch Hospital as an orderly. He enlisted 10th August 1914 at Christchurch passed his medical and made Sergeant Major, Basic Training followed and he sailed from New Zealand  leaving from Wellington 16th November.9They had been on board the Troopship Maunganui since 28th September and it was not until 3rd of December till they embarked in Alexandria.
Following his first year away he sent home to his sister Caroline a few pages giving extract from his pocket diary , these very frail, pencil written pages have survived along with a photo album recording life on board the troopship and the time at  Zietoun Camp near Cairo.
 4th December 1914 arrives Zeitoun Camp and under went further training and hospital work

Arrives Zeitoun Camp 4th Dec.
1st March 1915 saw him in hospital 'ill' till 19th March when discharged and returns to camp.
Nothing is recorded for April

I pick up his diary at this point and share with you the next month-

8th May 1915 Broke Camp at Zietoun  & embarked on Train to Cairo for Alexandria.
9th May 1915 Arrives Alexandria & Embarked on HM Troopship “Kingstonia”

10th May 1915 sailed for Cape Helles Gallipoli Peninsula
12th may 1915 Arrived at Cape Helles Gallipoli Peninsula
13th may 1915 sailed for Gaba Tepe
14th May 1915 Arrived Gaba Tepe & chased by Submarine
14th May 1915 Arrived Lemmos Island
15th May 1915 transshipped to S.S. Galeka.   Less our transport horses etc

17th May 1915 Left for (Gaba Tepe or Anzac) chased by Submarine
 18th May  1915 arrived at  Imbros Island
19th May 1915 left for Anzac returning the same day.
20th May 1915 left Anzac  for Imbros Island after taking wounded on board. Arrived Imbros  and took more wounded onboard
21st May 1915 Left for Lemmos with wounded (500) cases
22nd May 1915 arrived Lemmos
24th May 1915 Left “S.S.Galeka” and went into camp.
30th May 2015 Left Lemos Camp  went aboard a  H.M.S Newmarket a Minesweeper  bound for Anzac.
will share more of his diary in another part