20 December 2009


Caroline Skinner, second daughter of Sophia and William, married John Haworth and they had three children, Leslie, Florence and James.

Today we have had a family get together of four of Caroline's five grandaughters.  The last time all four of us were together would have been approximately 65 years ago, when we were little children.   Since then, we have been in touch over the years, and met at different times, but never had all four of us together at the same time.  Lee and Joan are the daughters of Florence, and Ruth and Maryann are the daughters of James.

Joan lives in Napier, and Lee who lives in Stratford is currently staying with Joan in Napier.   Maryann lives in Waipawa, and Ruth who lives in Masterton came up to stay with Maryann specifically so they could come to Napier for lunch.

From left - Joan, Ruth, Maryann, Lee

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